Because All Our Kids Deserve A Fair Shot At A Quality Public Education.

It is critically important to share the truth about public charter schools with elected officials, the media, and the general public. Your voices matter. Our kids matter. We must create the right policy conditions that allow for greater educational opportunity for all children.

NJPCSA’s Policy Priorities

Funding Equity:

On average, public charter schools receive $4,000 less per pupil compared to district schools. Charter school students are public school students and should be treated equally.

Facilities Solutions:

NJ state law prohibits public charter schools from using state funds for school construction. While NJ school districts have received more than $12.5 billion in capital funding from the state since public charter schools were created, public charter schools have received $0. All public school students, including public charter school students deserve safe and secure school buildings.

Greater Autonomy:

Autonomy is one of the core principles of public charter schooling - schools are given operational flexibility in exchange for accountability for student outcomes. When there is a heavy focus on inputs and compliance, innovation is stifled.

To learn more about NJPCSA’S legislative work, contact:
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President and CEO
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