Starting a charter school is no easy task, no matter how capable or committed the founders. But a high-quality charter school can change lives.

Through our QualityStart program, the NJCSA stands ready to help charter school founders & developers at any stage in the process – from those just gathering the support and community engagement to begin the application to those experienced developers looking to replicate a successful school in New Jersey; from already-approved charter applicants preparing for their first year to operating schools weathering the challenging (and rewarding!) first years of a new school.

The New Jersey Charter School Association’s incubation program is designed to provide you with resources and helping hands to guide you along the milestones you will face in realizing your dream to start your own school. The links on the left contain information and resources for those preparing for this challengingjourney, and click “Contact us about Incubation Services” to find out how NJCSA can help you along the way.

The QualityStart program provides relevant, targeted and individualized training and support for the charter school development and application process to founders who demonstrate significant potential to develop and grow quality, high-performing public charter schools in New Jersey. Using an intensive and competitive recruitment and selection process, QualityStart will provide founding groups with comprehensive support through all stages of the application development process.

Training will be based on the needs of individual groups. Groups will be evaluated during the program intake process and an Individual School Development Plan, specifically tailored to address the needs of each school will be created.

Our consultation services include the following elements that are required for developing a solid charter school application:

  • Team Building
  • Designing an Educational Program
  • Fundraising & Financial Planning
  • Developing Your School’s Mission
  • Creating a Charter School Board
  • Human Resources
  • Facilities
  • Community Engagement
  • Accountability Planning
  • School District Relations
  • Project Management Skills
  • Critical Review of Your Group’s Application

For more information, please email Harry Lee at