Parents rally in Trenton for charters, March 2018
Parents rally in Trenton for charters, March 2018

Charter schools are public schools created by state law to allow parents and educators to design new and innovative school models to help children achieve.

We need to make sure we can continue to start up and grow high-quality charter schools by ensuring that legislators, community members, and taxpayers understand the enormous value charter schools are delivering in New Jersey.

The charter school movement works collectively to improve the political and regulatory landscape for charters.

The public policy agenda of the New Jersey Charter Schools Association reflects the priorities, current issues, and concerns of the charter schools in the state and the communities they serve.

Facilities Advocacy

Identifying and securing adequate facilities for charter students is a challenging task for many of our state’s charter schools. NJCSA advocates for equity in facilities for our charter schools and students, and offers support and resources from our regional and statewide staff.

Accountability Advocacy

New Jersey’s charter schools are serious about ensuring that the movement creates significantly better learning opportunities than are available within the traditional public school system for our students. To that end, NJCSA is taking a lead role in assessing charter school quality and ensuring appropriate accountability within the movement by establishing clear and transparent academic performance expectations for charter schools.