The NJCSA publishes numerous fact sheets, data sheets, reports and policy papers annually. Below you will find the currently available publications:

Fact Sheets
Special Reports

The NJCSA publishes annual Fact Sheets that document the performance, demographics, and growth of charter schools. 

Charter Sector Data
District Specific Data

Reports concerning charter schools, public education, and education policy in New Jersey and beyond.

Charter Schools in New Jersey: A Landscape Report

by New Jersey Charter Schools Association
December 2018

A comprehensive report on the successes of charter schools in NJ with policy recommendations.

20 Years of New Jersey Charter Schools: A Sector Report - Part 2
by New Jersey Charter Schools Association
July 2018

Part 2 of NJCSA’s 20-year charter report expands on the analysis from Part 1 and updates it with data from the 2016-17 school year. 

20 Years of New Jersey Charter Schools: A State of the Sector Report – Part 1
by New Jersey Charter Schools Association
October 2017

NJCSA’s 20-year charter report collects data from NJDOE sources and individual schools to document the performance, demographics, and innovations of New Jersey’s charter schools over the past two decades.

Character 2.0: The Value of Taking a School-wide View Toward Students’ Lifelong Success
by VIVA New Jersey Charter Teachers’ Idea Exchange
March 2013

This report is a culmination of online discussions by teachers who shared ideas about how to teach and foster skills such as grit, persistence, and resilience to increase students’ career readiness and college persistence.

An Analysis of the Charter School Facility Landscape in New Jersey
by the Charter School Facilities Initiative
January 2013

The results described in this report provide evidence that charter school students in New Jersey do not have access to facilities and amenities comparable to those accessed by traditional public school students. The report is based on survey, enrollment, and operating revenue data collected for the 2011-12 school year.

Charter School Performance in New Jersey
by the Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO)
November 2012

This report released November 27, 2012, by Stanford University’s Center for Research on Education Outcomes (CREDO) found that students in New Jersey charter public schools on average make larger learning gains in both reading and mathematics compared to their traditional district school peers. New Jersey charter school students on average gain an additional two months of learning per year in reading and an additional three months of learning per year in math compared to their district school counterparts. The NJ study analyzed five years of data, from 2007-2011 and six tested grades (3rd – 8th) and built on the methodology used for CREDO at Stanford’s 2009 national report, Multiple Choice: Charter School Performance in 16 States. The New Jersey report provides a first-ever in-depth examination of the results for charter schools in the state. CREDO at Stanford University is the nation’s foremost independent analyst of charter school effectiveness.