New Jersey Public Charter Schools Association Corporate Partnership Program

Why should you partner with the New Jersey Public Charter Schools Association (NJPCSA)?

NJPCSA is a membership organization and the statewide advocacy voice for New Jersey’s 88 public charter schools and the 54,587 students that they currently serve. Our mission is to advance quality public education for New Jersey’s children through excellent public charter schools. Eighty-three, or 97%, of eligible public charter schools are currently dues paying members of NJPCSA. 

The public charter school sector is diverse: charter schools operate in 40 different cities and in 18 of our 21 counties. Most of our students are Black and Latinx and 73% come from low-income backgrounds. Charter schools are also growing. Over the past five years, the number of public charter school students has grown by 33%, going from 42,165 students five years ago to nearly 55,000 students today. Due to the success of charter schools, there are 36,000 children on wait lists. We expect the charter sector to continue to grow to meet this demand. NJPCSA advocacy efforts are focused on fair funding and creating more great seats for kids. 

In a recent membership survey, the Association received a 4.58 out of 5.0 rating from its members for overall performance. We value the trust our members have placed in NJPCSA and by joining with us through the Corporate Partnership program, your organization will get much greater access to our schools to provide your services.

Corporate Partnership Program

Our Corporate Partnership program is designed to enhance the relationship between our member schools and organizations that do business in the public charter sector.  Money from the corporate partnership program provides an investment in NJPCSA and allows us to carry out advocacy activities and programs to help public charter schools thrive in New Jersey.

Being a Corporate Partner does not imply endorsement by the NJPCSA, nor does NJPCSA conduct research on or assume responsibility for the services and products extended by Corporate Partners. All schools are encouraged to conduct an independent analysis and review before signing any contracts with an organization.

Marketing Opportunities

Our Marketplace is the basic membership for all of our Corporate Partners. Through our Marketplace, NJPCSA maintains a directory of organizations that have pledged to provide a variety of products and services that benefit students, staff and the charter school community. Some organizations choose to offer opportunities and special pricing that are available only to current NJPCSA members. 

Organizations in the Marketplace will have their name, contact information including a direct link to their website, logo, and a description of the company. Your organization will be listed both alphabetically by name and also by subject area. You will receive advance notice of our marketing opportunities which are limited and can sell out. Finally, your organization will receive monthly newsletters from NJPCSA about our advocacy efforts and events.

Organizations will be listed as a sponsor of the membership meeting. Your organization’s name and logo will be included on all pre-event materials, receive acknowledgement during the meeting, and name, contact information, and logo will be sent to all attendees in post-meeting materials.

(four times per year)

Organizations will have a digital banner ad with a direct link to the company’s website. This newsletter is sent to almost 300 charter leaders weekly and has an average open rate of 51% over the last three months compared to an industry average open rate for weekly emails similar to this of 25%.

(one vendor per month, at least two Advocacy updates sent each month)

Organizations will have an ad with a direct link to the website on our home page.

As part of the NJPCSA Facebook page (2,600 followers), we will post about one organization four times in one month. NJPCSA will consult with the organization to determine language for each post.  That post will also have a tag to the organization’s Facebook page. 


NJPCSA will facilitate webinars based on educational content for our members that allow vendors to showcase their area of expertise. (i.e. distance learning, virtual professional development, etc.)

Vendors will be given a 25-minute platform to provide educational content with a 2-minute pitch at the end. The webinar will be recorded and then a follow-up email will be sent to our members (by the Association) with text from the vendor and the recording along with an “enticing offer”, provided by the vendor, to start a conversation.  We will share results of the open rate and click-through rate for the email with the vendor.  

These webinars will be offered to marketplace members first.  

To learn more about these opportunities, please contact Amy Winn-Dworkin, Director of Development,