The New Jersey Charter Schools Association is proud to host the only professional development conference in New Jersey that offers professional development and networking opportunities that are specifically relevant to charter school leaders, principals, classroom educators, school support staff, trustees, policy makers, suppliers and community supporters.

Although considered public schools by law, charter schools face unique challenges that are unparalleled in traditional, private or parochial school environments. The Annual New Jersey Charter Schools Conference offers sessions specific to New Jersey charter school employees, trustees and stakeholders, in which they can discuss their challenges, explore innovative solutions and celebrate resounding triumphs.

We are currently scheduling dates, times and rooms for each session. For your convenience in the meantime, we present here a quick overview of the breakout sessions, organized by track.

List of Sessions (subject to change)


“Best Practices for Serving Students with Disabilities in Charter Schools”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Paul O’Neill, The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools
To ensure that students with disabilities can access and thrive in charter schools, school leaders, instructional staff and authorizers must understand student needs, compliance requirements and accountability measures for special education. This session will present national best practices and provide attendees with tools for fostering strong and equitable special education practices in New Jersey charter schools. Questions answered: What are charter schools required to provide for students with disabilities? What is best practice and outside of the classroom? What innovative techniques have been successful elsewhere? How can we meet the needs of diverse learners?
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Funding Equity”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Paul Josephson, Duane Morris LLP
NJ charter school students receive less funding than their district counterparts. Why does this disparity exist? What does this look like for many charter schools? How can this be corrected? This panel of state and national experts will examine the current funding environment in New Jersey and the impact on charter schools. Attendees will learn more about the current political climate that keeps charter school students from receiving their fair share of funding and the potential for fixing the funding formula through legislation. Panelists will present other options for addressing the funding inequity, and discuss how you can help fight for funding equity.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Hot Topics in Regulation and Innovation”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Thomas Johnston, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, P.C.
New Jersey’s leading charter school lawyers and leaders will recap and bring you current information on the hottest New Jersey charter school legal topics – PARCC, charter agreements and performance framework, renaissance schools – and strategies for preventing DOE rules from stifling innovation and a student-centered approach to school operations.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Meaningful Media Matters: Engage Key Stakeholders and Win for Kids”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Jose Afonso, SABIS Educational Systems
It is essential for charter schools and their community members to communicate who they are and what they do in a way that leaves a lasting impact on key stakeholders. Meaningful communication and public engagement is simple: build strong relationships and deliver a clear and concise messages repeatedly through a variety of channels. In this session, participants will gain strategies to deliver an informative message to stakeholders that increases visibility of specific issues, and addresses the needs of our students and schools.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“School Based Mental Health Services: Addressing the Holistic Student”
Lead Presenter: Mrs. Megan Sherman, Academy Charter High School
The public education system has failed to adequately address and support the multidimensional needs of at risk youth. The perpetual lack of attention paid in schools to students’ psychological, social and emotional well-being has led to increasing maladaptive behaviors in the classroom. Addressing the holistic needs of students by introducing mental health interventions within the school environment is critical if we are to decrease dysfunctional behavior and increase academic achievement.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

“Special Education, Section 504 and Student Discipline”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Derlys Gutierrez, Adams Gutierrez & Lattiboudere
This session will focus on federal and state special education law and regulations, on Section 504 disability issues for students and on student discipline in general.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Strategies for Ensuring Open Enrollment for Charter Schools”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Lisa Scruggs, Duane Morris LLP
Charter schools are, by federal definition and state statutes, open-enrollment public schools and are expected to give all students an equal opportunity to enroll and to remain enrolled. This session will explore ways that charter schools can ensure that they are truly open to all students and not using inappropriate enrollment barriers or exiting practices. Participants will discuss specific issues in the areas of recruitment, admissions, enrollment, lottery and attrition. Participants will identify and assess categories of enrollment barriers that may exist – and national best practices to ensure that charter schools are truly open to all students.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

College and Career Readiness

“”Gettin’ Messi”: How Mistakes Make Mathematicians and Scientists”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Nathan Patton, People’s Prep Charter School
Imagine the stress and anxiety you’d feel if every wrong answer is seen as a judgement of your ability. What if instead, every wrong answer is seen as an opportunity to grow and develop? In this session, Keith Robinson, winner of TNTP’s Fishman Prize for Superlative Classroom Practice, will describe how to forge a classroom culture that values hard work over natural ability and celebrates the brilliant mistakes that are the hallmark of true learning.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“Balancing direct instruction and hands-on learing for high performance”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Lawrence Patton, Princeton Charter School
College and career readiness: curriculum and instruction. Curriculum and instruction lie at the heart of our Charter and our practice. In this presentation, two outstanding science teachers will share their approach to instruction in science. Balancing direct instruction with hands-on, interactive/kinesthetic learning experiences for students. Practices geared toward active learning enhance student engagement and understanding.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“Best Practices in Writing Instruction”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Keri Bartholomew, Developmental Studies Center
This session is designed to support participants’ thinking, reflections and understandings of the latest research and implications for writing instruction for college and career readiness. Participants will experience a lesson designed to support writers and build a classroom writing community. Participants have opportunities to observe writing instruction and reflect on the implications of this workshop approach for all classrooms. Participants will view writing conferences and reflect on the purpose and power of these individual experiences.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“Close Reading: Preparing Students to Read in College”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Nathan Patton, People’s Prep Charter School
Teachers understand that college-bound students must have the skills, confidence, and perseverance to read challenging texts. Whether it be from text books or the canon, “reading to learn” will be at the forefront of students’ experiences in higher education, but we often begin preparing them too late. Join us to learn close reading strategies that help get students in any grade college-ready by boosting their success with unfamiliar and complex texts from any content area.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“Closing the Achievement Gap Through Complex Novels and Nonfiction”
Lead Presenter: Mrs. Sarah Collinge, Read Side by Side Literacy Consulting and Publications
Are you challenged by the desire to inspire a love of reading in your students through authentic and collaborative classroom experiences while achieving the goals of college readiness? Find out how to set up a two part literacy block with read aloud and book club working together to achieve accelerated growth in your students. Participants will walk away with strategies for engagement, motivation, and formative assessment that can be implemented immediately.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Digital Learning & Digital Literacy”
Lead Presenter: Ms Diedre Simon, North Jersey Arts and Science Charter School
The presentation includes the introduction of a conceptual framework for Digital Learning and Digital Literacy in education. The focus will be the development of a formulated Digital Literacy and Digital Learning Plan. The plan will describe the larger work and components of Digital Learning and Digital Literacy. Including an educational focus, scope, purpose, content and results associated with Digital Learning and Digital Literacy.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Growing and Enhancing Your School Through the Implementation of a PreK Program”
Lead Presenter: Mr Colin Hogan, Learning Community Charter School
Several charters across the state have added PreK 4 programs to their academic offerings. This workshop will serve as a case study of how one school planned and implemented a successful PreK program. We will provide an overview of the application and oversight process of running a PreK program along with how to effectively integrate a PreK program into a mission and values driven school culture.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Hybrid Learning; Transforming the Classroom”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Dale Caldwell, The Village Charter School
The Middlesex Regional Educational Services Commission (MRESC) and Dellicker Strategies have partnered to implement an innovative Hybrid Learning initiative. This Hybrid Learning initiative implements 21st Century technologies and teaching methods to individualize student learning, which is the I in IEP. The Hybrid Learning environment engages and motivates students who were previously inattentive and difficult to reach. Similar Hybrid initiatives in other schools have resulted in significant improvements in student academic achievement and student engagement.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“No More Teaching to the Middle! Effective Strategies for Differentiating K-5 Instruction”
Lead Presenter: Mrs. Brooke Workman, Charter School Essentials
We often find ourselves teaching grade-level content to the “middle” of our class; yet, most of our students are not on grade level, which leaves the majority of students left out. Participants will explore how they can consistently differentiate K-5 instruction with a focus on specific and immediately-usable strategies. We will review case studies, learn how to identify students’ needs, and determine the best practices for differentiating the content, process, product, and learning environment.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Our Rubric: Enlisting the Whole School in Measuring Writing Growth”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Nathan Patton, People’s Prep Charter School
Writing is the hardest skill to teach. It is subjective, abstract, and complex. And yet it is second only to reading as the most important skill for succeeding in college. In this session, you’ll learn how educators at People’s Prep, a college prep charter school in Newark, created a comprehensive nonfiction writing rubric to be used in all subjects, and how they use every teacher to measure writing growth in an objective and reliable way.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“Subordinating Teaching to Learning: How to Promote Intelligent Problem Solving for Future Success”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Theodore (Ted) Swartz, Bronx Charter School for Better Learning
A pedagogy exists, fully elaborated for key subjects like literacy and mathematics, which engages students’ problem solving abilities to master content, producing learners who remain aware of their deep intelligence. That awareness produces confidence needed to tackle advanced subject matter and job related challenges.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Teach Kids to Think: PARCC “Test Prep” That Works”
Lead Presenter: Mrs. Cynthia Millinger, Charter School Essentials
Do we give our students enough opportunities to truly think? Now that our students have begun taking the PARCC assessments, we’ll explore how these items are different from the NJ ASK & HSPA and how our instruction must change, too. We’ll learn how to explicitly teach effective thinking routines that will do more to prepare them for these cognitively-demanding tests than traditional “test prep” can.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Understanding Behavior Improves School Culture and Character Analysis in ELA.”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Vanessa Jones, Greater Brunswick Charter School
Imagine how your school culture would be impacted if students understood why they do certain behaviors and why their peers behave in certain ways. Is if for undue attention, revenge, misguided power, assumed inadequacy? In this workshop you will learn about the mistaken goals of behavior and ways that educators can effectively integrate them into Character Education and English Language Arts instruction. The application of these skills will enhance success in college and careers.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Use Music and Movement to Enhance Learning of Core Content in Science, Social Studies and ELA”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Meera Jaffrey, Learning Community Charter School
This session will explore effective methods of utilizing music and movement activities to help students understand key concepts in Science, Social Studies and Language Arts. Learn to help students create original songs or dances based on a Rock, Frog or Water Cycle Study. Assist them to create a mini-musical based on a favorite story. Help students better understand social study units by having them learn authentic songs and dances of a particular period or culture.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Writing Instruction in the Content Areas”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Joseph Miceli, PCSST
Participants will acquire techniques and strategies to promote success in meeting the Common Core State Standards for Writing. Presenters will provide HSPA performance data, lesson plans and templates, curriculum templates, videos of classroom implementation and discussion to engage the audience.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels


“Building Blocks for a Successful School”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Leigh Byron, STEMCivics
This session will focus on the elements of leadership that led to (1) a successful turnaround at a NJ charter school that hadn’t made AYP for three years to one that met expectations on the NJ Frameworks in the next three years, and (2) an innovative charter high school that focuses on college and career readiness.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

“Business Planning for the Future”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Morton Marks, Hoboken Charter School
Charters need to think ahead with limited funding. This workshop explores key planning to insure your Charter’s future through revenue shortfalls to budgeting expenses under normal and extraordinary times.There are key areas of concern but all have an impact on the final numbers and the school’s stability. This workshop will draw upon the experience of Charter BA’s and selected vendors ranging from Revenue Analysis and Payroll to Technololgy andInsurance.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Charter Schools 2.0: How will the second generation of mission-driven charter schools look?”
Lead Presenter: Ms Lisa Eckstrom, Princeton Charter School
As the first New Jersey charter schools near the 20-year old mark, what lessons can we glean about what makes one charter school successful and one not successful? What will all charter schools need to be successful in the next decade?
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Collaborative School Improvement: Advocating for Your Students, Staff, and Stakeholders”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Christopher Moersch, LoTi Connection
Implementing the Common Core and preparing for the PARCC extends beyond the reorganization of resources. As new resources are woven into the curriculum, it is essential that school leaders become advocates for their staff and students. This session highlights how a campus can ensure proper preparation of all facets of the instructional curriculum including key questions to ask, deliverables that can be measured, and school climate strategies that can be employed to ensure maximum success.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Differentiated Supervision: Maximizing the Growth of Teachers”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Mary Jo McKinley, Academy Charter High School
Teachers differentiate instruction in the classroom to maximize student growth so it only makes sense that school leaders should do the same for their teachers. The needs of the novice teacher are different than those who are more seasoned. Each teacher should be supported, nudged and challenged in a differentiated manner. Identify how to best promote instructional growth of your staff using observations, walkthroughs and coaching sessions.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Effective Teacher Coaching and Evaluation Tools for Free”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Bret Schundler, BelovED Community Charter School
School leaders at BelovED Community Charter School weren’t happy with the tools available to support teacher coaching and evaluation, so they worked to design their own and make it a breeze for school leaders to record classroom observations and recommended action steps for teachers, display the information in a way that makes analysis easy, communicate with teachers, calculate a summative teacher rating, and keep an accessible record of everything.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

“Get Real: Connecting Your Mission to Achieving Your Outcomes”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Christine Johnston, Compass Academy Charter School
A charter mission statement needs to be more than an abstract statement. This session will demonstrate how to make a mission statement come alive in specific and practical ways that span daily instruction, organizational operations, and long term learning goals for students. This session will engage participants in turning their school mission statements into an observable, measurable daily reality experienced first hand in the lives of its families, teachers, and leaders.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“How can we hire, support and keep our best teachers?”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Karen Drezner, Leveraging Leaders
As our nation’s leaders increase their focus on improving teacher quality, it’s critical to understand how quality is truly defined. Two leaders will share research and models of evidence-based best practices that support the development, evaluation and retention of teachers at their schools. Throughout, participants will assess the current status of their schools and determine next steps to grow, assess and keep their most effective teachers.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“How to Lower Benefits Cost and Manage Risk in 2015”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Shawn Berger, Austin & Co., Inc.
Let’s cut costs, reduce risk, and provide quality insurance. Sound like a daunting task? With the right tools and resources it doesn’t have to be. This presentation will review low premium plans, alternative funding arrangements, and preparation for the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Additionally, there will be a review of the top 5 risk management priorities to avoid expensive employment practices lawsuits, a tarnished school image, and safety issues.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Leading with Data: Using Everyday Data to Coach Teachers Towards Improved Results”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Lisa Friscia, Democracy Prep Public Schools
Great teachers are made, not born. But how? In a word: data! Real-time data?data collected during the observation– can push the needle on scholar achievement quickly and efficiently, thus building the efficacy and practice of our teachers. Develop your coaching toolbox as we discuss and practice using real-time data in order to provide clear, specific, and actionable feedback to teachers, using video, case studies and role play. This session is open to both
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Personal and Staff Development, where Curriculum and Leadership Intersect”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Melvin Katz, Seton Hall University
This presentation will discuss how personal development, staff development, curriculum and leadership connect to meet the needs of students in Charter Schools and urban school environments. Data driven instructional models developed by skilled and knowledgeable leaders and implemented by dynamic teachers is essential for student success. We believe that Charter School Leaders need to innovate, model, and assess programs designed to enable students to reach their full potential in a safe, secure and nurturing environment.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Saturday School – Extended School Day = Integrated Project Based Learning”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Jarred Shaw, Academy Charter High School
According to its charter, Academy Charter High School has an extended day, including monthly mandatory Saturday Schools. My focus will be on coordinating a Saturday School committee of teachers, students, and administrators to plan multi-subject project-based learning activities in mentoring groups. Students are engaged in project-based curriculum, guest speakers, leadership skills, and service in their school and community. My presentation will focus on engaging students looking at qualitative data and increasing attendance – quantitative data.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“The Common Core Classroom: What Should Leaders Look For?”
Lead Presenter: Mr. David Ginsburg, Ginsburg Educational Consulting & Coaching, LLC
This session will drill to the core of the Common Core for Math and English Language Arts. Through discussion and video, instructional leaders will gain a clear understanding of teaching practices required for successful Common Core implementation, and the ability to recognize these practices during classroom observations. Such practices include engaging students in productive struggle and problem solving rather than answer-getting in Math, and facilitating rich text-based conversations in ELA.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels


“Charter School Purchasing; Law, Code and Procedures”
Lead Presenter: Mr. James Shoop, SHOOP SBA LLC
Attendees will be introduced to state law, state code and standard operating procedures as it pertains to Charter School Purchasing in New Jersey. The presentation is designed to assist Charter School Business Administrators to be compliant with all purchasing law and code. A working Purchasing Manual will be provided at the session. The presenter has 25 years of experience with Public School Purchasing in the State of New Jersey.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Emergencies Never Make an Appointment!”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Nihat Guvercin, North Jersey Arts and Science Charter Schools
In a highly interactive session, the presenters will discuss the importance of the School Safety Team and the roles of administration and faculty in providing a safe haven for the school community. By NJBOE design, the School Safety Team is required to foster and improve school climate. This presentation will take this responsibility to the next level and create an understanding of the relationship between safety requirements, security measures, school climate initiatives, and education practices.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Facilities Financing: Selecting the Best Option for your Charter School or CMO”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Brian Colon, Robert W. Baird & Co. Incorporated
Learn the different methods to finance or refinance land acquisition, new construction, renovation costs and equipment purchases. Speakers will discuss the basics of various financing options like Tax-Exempt Bonds, New Markets Tax Credits (NMTCs), Qualified Zone Academy Bonds (QZABs), and bank loans. This presentation will discuss the basic features of each, their advantages and trade-offs.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Facility Financing 101”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Molly Melloh, The Reinvestment Fund
Securing an adequate facility is one of the most significant challenges facing charter schools, and financing is critical in overcoming this obstacle. Find out what lenders look for during the loan application process and how to plan for a successful project.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“Project Financing Roundtable”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Daniel Arndt, New Jersey Community Capital
The roundtable features representatives from New Jersey’s premier charter school financing institutions, New Jersey Community Capital, TRF, LISC and PNC. Discussants will talk about real world project financing. All members of charter schools are expected to benefit from this discussion, particularly board members, business administrators, and principals.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

“Ready, Set, Grow: Planning Tools for New Facility Projects”
Lead Presenter: Mr. James Theimer, Trilogy Architecture
Is your school ready to take on a facility project for a new or expanding student body? The Speakers will walk participants through Facility Planning Self-Assessment tools covering financial readiness, board preparation, and programming considerations related to facility planning. They will demonstrate how a Project-Based Plan approach can identify priorities and create realistic budgets to match your school’s vision for the future. Best practices and common facility pitfalls will be shared along the way.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“Security Breach: Are you Prepared?”
Lead Presenter: Mr Lou Schimenti, New Jersey School Boards Association
Through a group discussion attendees will become aware of the importance of having good school policies on issues of school security. Some of the issues that will be addressed are school security plans, visitors, releasing a student before the end of the school day, security personnel, interaction with local first responders, and school security drills. Attendees will become aware of what the consequences may be for either not having or not following a policy.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Successful schools, history preserved – new life for old and historic buildings”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Matthew Bartner, Kitchen & Associates
There are more than 5 million non-residential buildings in this country, and half of those are more than 50 years old. This session will explore the benefits of adapting old or historic buildings for charter schools, including the financial, cultural, and community impact these facilities can create. From old theaters, office buildings, former schools, and mansions, real-world examples including successes and mistakes will give attendees confidence to consider these old buildings for their own school facility needs.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Successfullly Getting Renewed”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Paul O’Neill, Cohen Schneider and O’Neill LLP
Every NJ charter school faces the same hurdle: Getting a full 5 year renewal once the current charter expires. This session will focus on how to make that happen. It is led by an advisor and former authorizer with 15 years of experience seeking renewals and handing them out; by a NJ school leader who recently received a full renewal; and by a senior official at the NJ Department of Education.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

“The Basics on Charter Schools and Tax”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Thomas Johnston, Porzio, Bromberg & Newman, PC
The presentation will address tax strategies for New Jersey charter schools, including the process to obtain a IRS 501(c)(3) status, property tax exemptions and soliciting charitable contributions.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

“Working Together for Quality Facilities”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Molly Melloh, The Reinvestment Fund
Hear from a project manager, architect, attorney, and the New Jersey Charter School Office on what makes a successful charter school facility project. Co-moderated by experienced charter school lenders, this session will explore the lessons learned and best practices of this wide range of experts that come together to support charter schools and their facility needs.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

Use of Data

“Arts and the Environment: How to increase engagement in all content areas”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Olivia Mode-Cater, Barack Obama Green Charter High School
During a time of high stakes testing, teachers are looking for students to be highly engaged in their learning. Retain your students’ attention by embedding the Arts and Environment in your curriculum. Join us for interactive, research-based strategies to improve learning and rigor.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Creating Opportunities for All: Using Data to Develop Programs”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Katherine Martinez, Community Charter School of Paterson
Data driven decision making is essential to the success of struggling students. We as educators must focus on discussing how to use data in a way that impacts day-to-day instruction and program development. This session will provide an opportunity to learn how our school has used data for program design, staffing decisions, create and revise curricula, provide targeted PD, and meet student needs through the use of an unencumbered period (Flex period) in grades K-4.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Developing a School-wide Intervention Plan Based on Student Data”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Doreen Land, The Marion P. Thomas Charter School
Why aren’t my students showing academic progress? What’s the best way to utilize instructional support staff, in order to make student gains? How do I understand the educational gaps of my middle and high school students? Come learn the importance of making decisions based on data or the lack of it. Learn how to identify the important data points that are necessary for you to develop a plan that serves your most at risk students.
Suggested Experience Level: Novice

“ExamView Cloud and PARCC-Like Item Authoring”
Lead Presenter: Mr. Ruben Rivera, University Academy Charter High School
The PARCC test is here, It is a reality. After so much work getting our infrastructures ready for PARCC, it is time to focus on exposing our students to PARCC-Like questions. Authoring software capable designing these type of questions are very expensive and requires a programmer to do it. With ExamView Cloud you can just click your way through, type your problems or import them from existing ExamView test files or question Banks.
Suggested Experience Level: Intermediate

“From Data to a Differentiated Classroom”
Lead Presenter: Dr. Mary Jo McKinley, Academy Charter High School
We have become a data rich culture, yet how can we best use data to improve teaching and learning? What strategies can be used to transition data to the classroom? This session will examine how assessment data should influence lesson planning in terms of differentiated objectives and activities. In interactive group activities, participants will use sample assessment data to structure a lesson – down to the activities and questioning – to promote individual student growth.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Game On! Using Math Games to Collect Actionable Data on Student Progress”
Lead Presenter: Ms Emily Litman, Learning Community Charter School
Educators know that many factors affect students’ confidence and abilities in the Math classroom. Incorporating engaging games into instruction, teachers can collect data to be used to identify learning gaps that impede skill mastery. Our session will enable participants to immediately translate game results into data that can drive instructional and intervention work. Educators will collaborate to establish alternative methods to collect data needed to focus and advance our educational journey with these students.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels

“Our Students Are Struggling: Now What?”
Lead Presenter: Ms. Sarah Tantillo, Sarah Tantillo, Ed.D., LLC
Many students are not on grade-level when it comes to literacy. This interactive session demonstrates how to use data, the Common Core Standards, PARCC practice test items, and other helpful resources to bridge these gaps. Participants will walk away with a systematic approach that they can implement immediately.
Suggested Experience Level: Good for all levels