The Association accepts session proposals from charter school educators, administrators and professional development providers who can directly address issues and topics that impact New Jersey charter school leaders, board members, operators and advocates.

The Call for Proposals Is Now Closed

Thank you to everyone who submitted their session proposals. The form is closed so that we can begin the peer review process. All announcements to presenters will be made on or before Jan. 6, 2015, at which time approved presenters will have one week to respond and accept the offer to present and also submit their AV requirements.

Proposal Submission Resources

Following are some documents to assist in developing your proposal:

All proposals must be submitted via the online form. Any proposals submitted otherwise will be rejected without review.

Conference Themes

Of paramount interest for the 2015 conference are two themes that broadly outline a range of critically important issues and questions pertinent to charter school education, as well as public education in general: College and Career Readiness and Use of Data. Each of these themes will serve as a lens through which sessions addressing instructional practice, student and program assessment, program design, and school management and governance will be viewed.

While educational conferences typically provide strands relating to “instruction” or “student achievement,” it is our hope that focusing on the college and career readiness of students will encourage presenters to take a more holistic, outcomes-based approach that encompasses both the academic and non-academic components of successful student preparation. We are particularly seeking proposals that are informed by the research into—and analysis of—recent trends in college attendance and completion.

By also focusing broadly on the use of data, we hope to encourage proposals that emphasize sound general principles of creating a data-driven school culture—whether the context is the classroom, the administrative office, or the board of trustees. At the same time, we encourage highly specialized proposals that delve deeply into the eternal triple query of the honest educator: How are the kids doing? How do I know? What am I going to do about it? And, in the New Jersey charter school spirit of contrariness, we encourage proposals that explore and illuminate the limits of formal data analysis as a tool for advancing student success and well being.

There are additional strands—we continue to be interested in promoting best practices and offering insights in the areas of Leadership and Operations and Governance. We also wish to offer opportunities for our attendees to learn more—and hear the latest—about Advocacy, Law and Policy.

In summary, the themes of the 2015 conference are:

  • College and Career Readiness
  • Use of Data
  • Leadership
  • Operations and Governance
  • Advocacy, Law and Policy

Proposal ideas that extend beyond these thematic areas will also be considered. For more information, download the Session Development Guide.


Contact Rick Pressler, Director of School Services and Conference Session Chair, at 609-989-9700, ext. 4411, or